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Structure of autism spectrum disorders (RAS) in children

Structure of autism spectrum disorders (RAS) in children


Article section Correction of social disadaptation

Autism is a complex symptom complex that has multilevel causes and, accordingly, a multilevel solution.

  What, in our opinion, is the structure of this problem?

 In children with autism spectrum disorders (RAS), it is necessary to perform a correction in parallel:


  • At the medical level
  • At the level of the brain
  • At the psychological level
  • At the pedagogical level

Hence it becomes clear why only your psychologists and speech therapists can not solve your child's problem effectively, only neurologists and pediatricians, and why only neuroleptics prescribed by psychiatrists are so ineffective.


So, autism -

Here is the strategy for solving the problem:


At the medical level

 We see in 98% of children with RAS serious damage to the cervical spine in childbirth. In the form of hypermobility C2-4 (second-fourth) cervical vertebra [more - here: Atlant and birth injury to the neck].

 The situation is so typical that some radiologists perceive these symptoms already as a norm.


 Change in obstetric obstetrics technology in Russia.

Correction of the consequences of birth injuries of the cervical spine and restoration of blood circulation of the brain. Work with the neck of the chiropractor, osteopath. (In an ideal - to carry out such correction during the newborn period). In Southeast Asia, China, the correction of the cervical spine of a child is made by obstetricians immediately, right at the feet of the mother. The same was done by midwives in Russia. (The author in the 50s of the last century found these technologies).

Metaphor: if in the birth injury of the neck, the child has been clamped with large vessels that feed his brain, then only "tablets" and only "exercises" are no effect!


Correction should go in parallel on all four levels.

 At the level of the brain

 In recent years, our studies have shown a slowdown in the maturation of the brain in modern children. Normally, a more perfect brain began to mature more slowly.


If 100 years ago the brain of children ripened at 9 years old and the children were given to the gymnasium in 9-10 years, today we see maturation not earlier than 15.5-16.5 years. (Suffice it to say that children are increasingly beginning to speak at 3.5-4.5 years old).


More than 95-98% of children born after 2000 - ambidextra (ambi - double, dextrum - right arm). That is, not right-handed or left-handed.


Features of the brain in new children: Tests of Vladimir Pugach: "ambidextra" And in the autist ambidextra - the brain matures even more slowly!


In older children with RAS, we see signs of attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which has its own peculiarities of correction. And to carry out correction is necessary (and who doubted?).



 Help in accelerating the maturation of the brain


For example, Gingko Biloba + Magnesium B6 [Method developed by Israeli colleagues]


Ginkgo Biloba, having a mild nootropic effect, improves the inter-neuronal regulation of brain cells; a soft fibrinolytic effect reveals the most delicate, like a web of microcapillaries, providing access of oxygen and nutrients to the ripening areas of the brain [Pro Ginkgo Biloba read here].

Magnesium B6 Approximately to the fifth-sixth month of therapy immature neurons of the child's brain are covered with a protein myelin sheath. It turns out a kind of "cable". The signal goes more accurately and economically. Outwardly it looks like "more adult" behavior of your child. [About Magnesium B6 read here].

Correction of gluten intolerance. Prevention of "clogging" the exchange of brain cells of the child.



 At the psychological and psychophysiological level

 Behavioral disorders of the RAS are due, inter alia, to the immaturity of the brain due to birth injuries many years ago. The peculiarity of psychophysiological immaturity is expressed external signs of infantilism. And also the unique adaptive property of the central nervous system of a child with autism as "parabiosis of N.Vvedensky" as in children with ADD / ADHD.

And this - a paradoxical, "reverse" reaction to medications, a reaction to loud sounds, panic when washing your head and cutting your nails ... Hence the features of correction techniques.

  •  Neuropsychological correction;
  • Defectologic correction;
  • BOS - biological feedback;
  • Method TOMATIS
  • Transcranial micro-polarization;

And others.

 At the pedagogical level

Formation of internal control in a child with autism. This complex of methods of pedagogical correction, psychocorrection and drug treatment with timely diagnosis helps such children in time to compensate for violations and fully realized in life.


 At the moment, there are several non-pharmacological approaches to the methods of treatment of autism and autism in combination with ADHD. They can be combined with pharmacological correction, or used independently.


Neuropsychological (with the help of various exercises).

Behavioral or behavioral psychotherapy emphasizes certain behavioral patterns, either by forming or extinguishing them through encouragement, punishment, coercion and inspiration. It can be used only after neuropsychological correction and maturation of brain structures, otherwise behavioral therapy is ineffective.

Work on personality. Family psychotherapy, which forms the personality and which determines where to send these qualities (disinhibition, aggressiveness, increased activity).

Nutritsialny. Replenishment of deficiencies in certain micronutrients, which are involved in the synthesis and secretion of serotonin and catecholamine neurotransmitters. It is known that PAC is characterized by impaired levels of these neurotransmitters

* * *

So, we, in this way understanding the problem of autism - we have clear algorithms for diagnosing and correcting the behavior of your child.

 Correction of psychological and psycho-physiological disorders in the child we take upon ourselves. And we work in close cooperation with the osteopath, kinesiologist, homeopath, neurologist, neuropsychologist, pedagogical psychologist and other specialists as necessary, depending on the specific situation.

 And - the main thing: this problem is completely solved.

 * * *

 As noted by Friedrich Engels


in the Dialectics of Nature:


- "Practice - the criterion of truth."


Let's add:

 including in the approaches to diagnosis and correction of autism ...

All of Uspekhi!


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